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A Washington DC Play and Forum PJM Readers Should Consider Attending

The following is not so much of a blog post, but an announcement about a discussion taking place in Washington, D.C., tomorrow night, (Saturday, Oct.2) at 9:30 pm after the 8 p.m. performance at Theater J in Washington, D.C.


PJM readers in the D.C. area might well want to attend, so I’m posting this on the site for readers to know of its occurrence. PJTV will be videotaping it for future posting on the website, but those who come will have a chance to take part in the discussion, which promises to be somewhat charged.

The play is by playwright Willy Holtzman, and is centered around a character based on 1960s radical Kathy Boudin, and a former radical friend turned neo-conservative pundit, who the author says was loosely based on David Horowitz. It raises many questions about the nature of the radical left in America, and how it has influenced the present. When you read the following links, you will quickly see the controversy it has produced, and the various pro and con reactions to it. All agree on one thing: the acting is first rate, and the production values solid. You’ll find the info about tickets on the Theater J website.

Tomorrow night at Theater J, after the 8 p.m. performance of “Something You Did,” the panel will take place with two actors reading the positions of David Horowitz and playwright Willy Holtzman, and a discussion between Holtzman and myself  (standing in for Horowitz) and moderated by Theater J’s director, Ari Roth. The panel begins at 9:30 pm.


First, the following article in the Oct.1 issue of the DC City Paper.

And a previous post from the same writer.

Here you will find  the statements of both Horowitz and Holtzman that you can now read before attending.

Historian Jeffrey Herf’s  very critical response is included in this article.

I hope to see many PJM readers in the metro DC area come out for this! See you there.

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