Ron Radosh

Answering the Left's attacks on Israel:In Advance

Haaretz, the leftist Israeli newspaper, has run an indispensable column by Bradley Burston, answering the obvious charges the world Left will make in response to Israel’s necessary defensive attack against Hamas.

People in the United States, and the West in general, must understand that Israel is united in the need for military action to be taken against Hamas and its continued rocket attacks against Israel. Indeed, a few days ago, Meretz, the most leftist party in Israel- the far, far Left party- itself issued a call for a military strike.

Now that it has taken place, we can wait for the usual response from the Chomskys of the world, who will condemn Israel and call for solidarity with the Palestinians. Burston has made mince-meat of their forthcoming response, setting forth what they will say before they do it themselves, and clearly enunciating the answers.

Send his piece around to all you know, and hope that it will lead to more understanding of Israel’s plight.