Conservatives and the Delusions of the Left

Melanie Phillips is a writer whose yeoman work in defense of Israel and whose critique of radical Islam and its threat to the West is second to none. Her book Londonistan is a clarion call for us to wake up and to ignore the threat of radical Islam at our own peril.

I had the pleasure to finally meet her a few weeks ago, and to have the chance to engage in  a brief conversation. As much as I admire her I have profound disagreements with her column today in the British Spectator.  She came across a blog written by former members of the extremist wing of the 1960's Students for a Democratic Society, including members of the Weathermen and the Weather Underground.

They make the following claims: Obama was only pretending to lean towards the political center. In fact, he is a committed partisan of the far Left, whose pragmatic centrist strategy is but a shield for the real agenda he will deliver on in the future. Mark Rudd therefore see him as a genius, who understands that a more left-wing Congress will turn against him later. In the meantime, he has the public's support for small steps, that will become large once momentum is built. It is a strategy of: "feint to the right, move left." The progressive second string appointments like John Podesta will really be the ones to make policy---not his main Cabinet picks.

Ex Weatherman Jeff Jones agrees. Hillary Clinton is not a hawk; she was picked as a cover for him to adopt an anti-war position. Similarly, his economic team is a cover for extorting a new green industrial revolution in America, and finally, financial resources will be distributed downwards to the people. The centrists are but a "smokescreen" as he co-opts the moderate center and veers to the Left.