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Republican Candidate Power Rankings #2

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Republican Power Rankings – Election 2016
OCTOBER 2, 2015 – The Republican Candidates Power Rankings are back! Thanks again to ESPN, the NFL and the NBA for the inspiration. You will notice some of the lead players in this second round are trending upwards although their ranking has fallen.  Inconsistency? Maybe, but the truth is that numbers 2, 3 and 4 all had good weeks.  It was hard to choose between them.  Number 1 — El Trumpo — was not so hot.  But am I predicting him to fall?  That’s a fool’s game… until it happens.  (NOTE: This will be a biweekly feature until the race heats up — as if it hasn’t already — at which point we will go weekly and perhaps add in the Dems, especially since Al Gore “won’t rule out” running. He’s just waiting for the polar ice caps to melt.)
rank Candidate Trending Comments
1 Donald Trump
Last week: #1
Still hanging in but sky-high unfavorability rating spells potential disaster in general election. Lost 49-42 in Quinnipiac Poll to Bernie Sanders?! Good tax plan, but confusing foreign policy seems to support Putin.
2 Ben Carson
Last week: #4
Man with highest favorability ranking since Mother Teresa is also demon fundraiser with record $20 million in campaign donations for third quarter. Doctor schools Jake Tapper on Moslems and Sharia law too.
3 Carly Fiorina
Last week: #2
Former CEO streaking upwards on strength of great TV communication skills and knowledge of issues from Planned Parenthood to Iran. Republican woman threatening to Dems. Watch for smears.
4 Marco Rubio
Last week: #3
Foreign-policy whiz scores big on The KellyFile and elsewhere for spot-on debate analysis re: Putin, Syria and Iran. Florida senator moving toward everyone’s consensus “insider” candidate, if he isn’t already.  Bounce in polls too.
5 Ted Cruz
Last week: #6
Forthright speech in Senate capturing the right but alienating some like Rand Paul… but then look where Rand is. Uncompromising stands impress as field narrows. But can he win independents?
6 Jeb Bush
Last week: #5
Good ideas not resonating. Who wants another Bush-Clinton election, even if this Bush best? Monarchy over despite Obama flirting with Dutch Queen Maxima. Still, you can’t count Jeb out because of the money, I’m told.
7 Mike Huckabee
Last week: #9
Gets a small bounce because Kim Davis met with the pope.  Still no other discernible reason for his candidacy, but he’s stuck. Gutfeld and now Tom Shillue holding firm at Fox.
8 Chris Christie
Last week: #8
Maybe Hurricane Joaquin will give him some traction.  But don’t invite Obama.
9 John Kasich
Last week: #10
Trouble ahead as Club for Growth and CATO Institute attack governor’s fiscal record.  CATO says Ohio spending increased 12% from 2012-2015. How will that play in New Hampshire?
10 Rick Santorum
Last week: #0
Makes the list this time for explaining Planned Parenthood to Whoopi on The View.  It’s not much, but it’s something.
11 Rand Paul
Last week: #11
With Putin on the march, who’s paying for this campaign? Will Rand be the next Scott Walker? “The worms crawl in.  The worms crawl out…”

(Artwork created using multiple AP and images.)