Roger L. Simon

Bulletin to GOP: Wake Up, Little Suzy!

Watching Hannity and O’Reilly tonight I thought I was in a time warp — endless whiners complaining about the Supreme Court decisions on Obamacare and gay marriage.

So the Supremes decisions were misguided at best, dishonest at worst, but on gay marriage specifically it’s irrelevant. That dog has been out of the barn for nearly a decade. As of now 60% of the public and growing supports it.  That’s about as big a majority as you get for anything in this country.   Who cares what the Supremes think, unless you’re talking about Diana Ross?  And we’ve been seeing drag versions of “Stop in the Name of Love” for years.

If you’re a social conservative and dedicated to traditional marriage, time to go back to the place it’s really decided.  And that’s not the Supreme Court of the Congress or the state house, but in our homes, churches, synagogues and, if you can dare to go near them, mosques. Start talking to people and make your case, build a consensus.  You don’t have close to one now, but don’t look to John Roberts or even Antonin Scalia to solve it for you.  If you don’t have the hearts of the people on a matter like this, you don’t have anything really.  And don’t hide behind the usually valid states’ rights issue.  Don’t we have a problem if people are married in one state and not in another with many working in one of those states and living in another fifteen minutes away? And then there’s the matter of transfers… and vacations… and relatives… and children in school …well, suffice it to say it ain’t simple.  This isn’t a drinking age of 21 in one state versus 18 in another. It’s a whole gigantic ball of wax.

And as for Obamacare, isn’t it a lot better to elect a Republican president, overthrow that entire ball of wax, or vastly reform it, rather than relying on a legal technicality?

Meanwhile, in the real world, we have  GIGANTIC problems.  Obama is about to hand nuclear weapons to the Iranians who are well on their way to building ICBMs that can reach Chicago, if they haven’t already.  A nuclear-armed Iran is ultimately more dangerous than the Soviet Union because some of its leaders, at least, believe in a fanatical religious system that has no fear of armageddon.  Good-bye mutually assured destructions.

At the same time,  that new caliphate (and that’s what it is) the Islamic State, aka the jayvee team, is celebrating its first anniversary, raping, throwing homosexuals off towers,  lopping the heads off Christians and performing acts of unspeakable barbarity we haven’t head since the days of Dr. Mengele.  They control a territory the size of New Jersey.  Obama has no strategy.  (Other than the other side wins.) Are we going to wait until they blow up the Mall of America?

Then there’s the economic situation, Greece is imploding as is our own Puerto Rico, roiling world markets.  Spain, France and Italy are said to be close behind.  That about takes care of the global economic system. Is there anyone who thinks collapse is not possible, even imminent?  What then? And there’s the little matter of the national debt soon approaching the size of the Horsehead Nebula.

Republicans have work to do. Big time. Put this Supreme Court stuff in the past and play to win. The Everly Brothers got it just about right in 1957:

Wake up little Suzie, wake up
Wake up little Suzie, wake up
We’ve both been sound asleep
Wake up little Suzie and weep
The movie’s over, it’s four o’clock
And we’re in trouble deep