The Real Fallout from Sony Is Nuclear


D.W. Sharpton, in his director’s chair.

It’s official.  The Jews no longer run Hollywood.  The anti-Semites do in the person of  the Reverend Al Sharpton — he of the Tawana Brawley case and the Williamsburg riots — who is now controlling things at Sony Pictures, production head Amy Pascal having sought his absolution for her tasteless but trivial jokes about Obama. Someone ought to tell the Sony overlords in Tokyo that the Rev Al may currently be the most hated man in America, not exactly good for business.


In fact, he’s a veritable racist manufacturing machine, turning the nicest white people, who previously were very friendly, even loving, toward blacks as their fellow Americans, into racists every time they see him fulminating on television.  That’s the reality of Sharpton.  I was a civil rights worker in the South and every time I see the Rev Al he makes me want to puke.  I can only imagine how those without my history react. That he has been allowed to be such a frequent visitor to the White House is testament to the president’s own moral vacuousness and unconscious/conscious desire to exploit race whenever he has the opportunity.  Shame on him. And forget Sony’s Pascal.  She lives in such a bubble she probably thinks Sharpton’s a black Gandhi rather than a black David Duke, which he unquestionably is, except Al has more power now these day than Duke ever did.  Whoever gave her the advice to seek counsel from Al has his or her own problems as well.

The whole Sony story has a certain twisted dark comedy flavor with CEO Michael Lynton bickering with Obama over the release of what is said to be an unwatchable movie. It sure looks that way from the trailers.  If the NORKS had any brains, they should just have let the film be released and it would have sunk like a stone.  But perhaps they had other intentions — or someone did — beyond making fun of inane Hollywood studio executives or even silencing a movie.


The cyber attack on the studio has a serious side and it’s not really about North Korea.  It’s about who helped North Korea, the assumption being that the NORKS don’t quite have the technical expertise to pull this off by themselves.  Russia, China and Iran are the three candidates whose names have been thrown into the hopper as possible co-perps — maybe more than one of them.

The fact that Iran is on the list at all should gives us all pause.  Not long ago most of us thought they weren’t capable of something like this; they were just another third world Islamic fundamentalist outback tooting their own bizarro anti-imperialist horn over and over, shouting “Death to America!” until they gave themselves and us migraines.  How could you take them seriously?

We have been engaged in nuclear negotiations with these supposed yahoos for several years now.  These talks seem to be going nowhere fast as the Iranians continue to develop their technological and scientific skills.  Our leaders have been giving them plenty of room to do just that.  These are the same leaders — more exactly leader — who just made a deal with the Castro brothers.  As many have pointed out, he didn’t get much for it, not so much as an iota of change on the island itself. Marco Rubio said Obama’s the worst negotiator he’s ever seen in the U.S. presidency.  He’s probably right.  But I’m not so sure that was  such a calamity with Cuba.  In the end, that will pretty much be about beach resorts, maybe a Havana gambling casino or two for Jay-Z.  Standard crony capitalism stuff.  But regarding Iran, bad negotiating would be a catastrophe.  We may have “stuxneted” them, but now they may have “stuxneted” us back.  After cyber war comes real (nuclear) war.  You don’t need a purloined Sony email to tell you that.

(Photo based on a modified image.)


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