The Academy Awards Come Out of the Closet

Should I resign from the Academy?

I won’t, of course, but asking Michelle Obama to help present the Best Picture Oscar at the Academy Awards this year was pretty Bush League.  And it was equally Bush League for the First Lady to accept.  And I’m not talking about any George Bushes here.  I’m talking about the real Bush Leagues.

Shame, shame on all sides.

Hollywood has enough of a reputation for being in the pocket of the Democratic Party, but now they not only are in the pocket, they’re in the wallet, the purse, the laptop, the vestibule, the fax machine, the refrigerator, the oven, the slow cooker, shoes, socks, bell, book and candle and just about everything else.

Well, let’s hope those tax benefits keep rolling in.

Or maybe they just wanted to make sure Clint Eastwood wouldn’t be a presenter.  (He wasn’t.)

In any case, it’s all out in the open now.  Hollywood conservatives can go back in their foxholes. That all-clear signal they thought they might have been hearing after the 2010 election was an illusion.

American entertainment is not the province of the whole country. It’s only the province of half the country.

Or so it would seem.