Roger L. Simon

POLIWOOD - Is This The Worst Year for Movies Ever?

Lionel and I haven’t seen everything yet – or nearly – but it certainly looks, as if proof were needed, that movies are worse than ever. That is why we titled our latest Poliwood “The Academy Awards: The Worst Year for Movies Ever.”

Okay, we did like The Social Network and, even more, Toy Story 3, but all-in-all it’s dreck on dreck. Perhaps worst of all, for its almost diseased level of anti-conservative bias, is the monumentally tin-eared Casino Jack, starring Kevin Spacey as Jack Abramoff. Talk about weird casting. And even weirder script. Well, I guess if you think the Republican Party is worse than Khmer Rouge, you’ll like it.

We also have a look at Scorsese’s semi-Snake Pit remake Shutter Island. Maybe some of you will like it better than we did. Have a look at the New Poliwood and tell us.