Roger L. Simon

POLIWOOD: Are the Oscars Corrupt?

Poliwood-OscarsdLionel Chetwynd and I – two guys who have been voting in the Oscars since the early Paleolithic Age or, in my case, 1983 (whichever came first) – discuss whether the Oscars are corrupt in the new Poliwood. Without giving it away, we compare the OScars to other awards and elections on the corruption scale. Can our Oscar votes be bought? Well, I can’t speak for Lionel, but for myself – make me an offer. [I hope you’re kidding.-ed. That’s for me to know and you to find out.] But seriously, folks, on the show I do admit that I was bought in the past… well, almost… by the French. They gave the best parties. Sadly, no more. The rules have tightened. Lionel and I go over those rules on the show, just so you know what to expect as the annual carnival begins. You can watch the show here.