Roger L. Simon

Healthcare and Obama's insecurity (Updated by Airblogging)

We all live in polarities. He who seems the most self-confident is often the most insecure, etc.

Thus Barack Obama – the man who rose so fast to the presidency that he did not pass GO, though he did collect $200. He moves like someone with a preternatural fear of being found out, as if all would crumble if he stops for a second. And now it’s healthcare healthcare healthcare all the time and incessantly as if we were a country of three hundred million suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer. Saith the man: In an interview aired this morning on NBC’s “Today” show, Obama defended his insistence on Congress passing healthcare overhaul legislation before its August summer recess. “If you don’t set a deadline in this town, nothing happens,” the president said, adding, “And the deadline isn’t being set by me. It’s being set by the American people.”

Well, no. Not any American people I’ve met anyway. They all just wish this fella would slow down for a moment, not to smell the roses, but at least to add up the bucks and think things through.

Earth to Obama: no healthcare system in the world works perfectly or even close. Yours won’t either. You are Don Quixote here, riding across La Mancha with no Sancho Panza and, alas, no sense of humor.

Meanwhile, I’m at LAX on my way to DC for PJTV’s Virtual Healthcare Forum. [Aren’t you being a little hypocritical here?-ed. If you can’t lick ’em, join ’em… But at least we can say slow down slow down slow down you’re rocking the boat.]

UPDATE: I am adding this partly out of the novelty of blogging from my Virgin America flight from LAX to Dulles with their new Gogo Inflight Internet system, which seems to work well, about the speed of a decent 3G connection. Since I took off, it seems that Obama’s rush to get us all heathy has only increased: Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce panel are headed to the White House, not their committee room, on Tuesday.

Instead of continuing their markup, Energy and Commerce Democrats will be lobbied by President Obama at the White House. Tuesday’s continuing markup was canceled, but the panel is scheduled to meet again on Wednesday.

The delays and intense effort by the White House cast more doubt on whether the House will meet its deadline of voting on the landmark bill before the August recess.

Am I wrong or does this all seem rather panicky? And for what? [It’s sort of like feeling the need to blog while you’re on a plane.-ed. Relax. Read a book. Catch up on the latest hip-hop tracks. You know, you’ve got a point. I’m going to log off… after a last check of my email. You are doomed! Not doomed. Addicted.]