Roger L. Simon

POLIWOOD: Hollywood tries to make peace with Iran

Poliwood this week is slightly longer and bit more serious than Lionel Chetwynd and my previous episodes, because, as many of you know, a group of our Motion Picture Academy colleagues went to Iran on some sort of “cultural exchange.” We couldn’t resist talking about the trip and its odd timing.

I was personally interested because, as I point out on the show, I have been on similar exchanges to do the Soviet Union and the PRC (way back in 1979) and know their seductions. I also know their ultimate dishonesty and the way the guests are manipulated by their hosts. After all, we are all honored to be in hitherto forbidden territory. If nothing else, we can dine out on it when we are back in civilization.

FYI, the women in the Tehran photograph on the Poliwood set above are American actresses Annette Bening (left), Alfre Woodard (right), flanking Iranian actress Fatemeh Motamed Aria. Iranian-American filmmaker Ardeshir Arian, who was a guest on our show, pointed out that Motamed Aria is, ironically, wearing more makeup than the hijab-clad Bening, who appears to be wearing none at all.

Enjoy the show. As usual, we appreciate your feedback.

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