Roger L. Simon

Magical Mystery Tour: Obama gets a bounce

Much as I hate to see it, Obama appears to be getting a  bounce from his peregrinations. It’s a PT Barnum, rather than an Abraham Lincoln moment. Up here on Bainbridge Island, far from the madding crowds of the Champs Élysées, you can almost sense it.  The era of President Obama is upon us.  We have arrived in an Orwellian universe where image is all.  In a way, it’s surprising it took us so long to get here.  I wish I could be as optimistic as Jennifer Rubin who, in her fine article, thinks that the World Obama Tour holds within it the seeds of his decline.  Maybe so, if one were to examine the facts.  But facts and reality seem irrelevant.  If they were, this would have been over long ago.  Hillary Clinton would have been the Democratic candidate.  We are watching a Shakespearean epic unfold before our eyes.  The King of Callow standing before the masses with his arms outstretched, the adoring media applauding in unison.