Roger L. Simon

Why Party Ideologues Bore Me....

In short because they always have to say stuff they couldn’t possibly really believe.

This came to the fore today because Joseph J. Andrew — someone whose name, frankly, I didn’t recognize — is getting his fifteen minutes of Warhol fame for switching allegiance from Hillary to Obama. He has explained himself on the Huff Po, puffing on about party unity and adding portentously: “I believe that Bill Clinton will be remembered as one of our nation’s great Presidents…”

Como se dice? The laugh lines are almost too obvious. But outside Monica, what exactly did happen during the Clinton presidency? Well, ta welfare cut back, a Republican trope, if there ever was one. We took care of Milosevic, on balance a good thing, although that part of the world remains unstable. But that’s about it for eight years. The rise of Islamofascism was largely ingnored, but you can’t fault Clinton entirely for that. Almost everyone else was ignoring it too. The economy was mostly in good shape and it was also mostly in good shape during Bush’s eight years. In actuality, the economy may not have that much to do with the President anyway. It seems to be slowly rebounding again right now. But did Bush have anything to do with that? Doubt it.

So back to this Andrew’s fellow. In what way precisely is Clinton a great President?