Roger L. Simon

Nora Ephron: No "Breaking With Old Ideas"

I used to be friends with Nora Ephron back in the day. [What day was that?-ed. You know, when “Hector was a pup!” Como? You’re obviously not a Laker fan. If that’s another of your Chick Hearn-isms, please get over yourself. Just as soon as the Nuggets win a game. Not fair.]

Okay, now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

As I was saying, one of the old saws of the left…. I mean the real left, back in the day… was the famous Maoist phrase about “breaking with old ideas.” This alluded to the obvious difficulty people have in breaking with their past way of thinking. Most of us have that problem. But, as yet an even hoarier cliché goes, what “goes around comes around.” And now those same leftists, especially those who were rewarded richly for their views, have a great deal of trouble facing new realities. Hey, as yet at least, it does not profit them to do so.

To wit: Ms. Ephron – who takes on “White Men” in what is now a highly-bourgeois screed on the Huffington Post, that comfortable home of the bourgeoisie. Nora still thinks the problem is los white guys. [Does that include bin Laden? He’s a white guy too.-ed. As long as he doesn’t vote Democratic.] Earth to Nora – the problem is Islamofacism. [You’re wasting your time there.-ed. Yeah, you’re right.] Anyway, I’m not even going to go on about how beloved Old Europe is far more racist and sexist than we are, etc., etc., because “breaking with old ideas” is hard. Bernard Chapin takes on Nora on PJM today from a more purely conservative stand point than I would, although he does a good job. Ideologically speaking, from my point of view, having broken with old ideas once, I’m not so keen on doing it again. I will remain a Groucho Marxist – as in, “I wouldn’t join a club that would have me as a member”…. most especially the fuddy-duddy club of 1972 revolutionaries Ephron seems to remain a member of. [Don’t end with a preposition.-ed. But… And don’t go quoting Churchill on me.]