Roger L. Simon

Dept. of Pot to Kettle: The New York Times Urges "Truth"

Sometimes I think the NYT is a secret comedy act and I am missing the joke, their bias is so extreme. Take a look at today’s editorial “Some Truth About Trade” in which the solons at the Times urge Obama and Clinton to stop pandering on trade protection. Of course, the NYT seems to be blaming Rove for what the Democrats are doing. But never mind that. It’s a reflex. Kind of like picking your nose in public when you think no one’s watching (but they are).

What is astonishing in the Times editorial is this: Democrats need to tell voters the truth: First, trade is good for the economy, providing cheap imports and markets for exports, spurring productivity and raising living standards. And second, while trade can drive down some wages and displace some jobs, Democrats have real ideas to help workers cope. Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama should base their approach on these ideas. They would not only make sound policy, they would also provide a competitive advantage over John McCain.

Say what????

Are these people illiterates? It is John McCain who has been running around the last few months making speeches against trade protectionism and supporting help for workers. Not only that, he spoke against protectionism in Michigan during the primary when Romney, like Obama and Clinton, was pandering to the protectionists and pretending he could save dead industries. Indeed McCain, again unlike Obama and Clinton, has repeatedly registered his support for NAFTA.

Is the Times so stupid they don’t know this? Or do they just think we are too stupid to notice?

More likely it’s just they are such determined idiot-ideologues (sorry for the tautology) they choose to ignore it. What a repellent newspaper. What reactionaries.