Roger L. Simon

The New York Times - Struggles of a Dying Beast

Shaquille O’Neal still appeared to have some life in him last night – though not enough – but it is the New York Times that is now enacting the roll of “pitiful helpless giant,” struggling to be relevant in a new era in its curiously timed McCain attack, for which they may have been prodded by The New Republic, of all tawdry institutions.

Years ago, when one read something in The Times you thought, oh, this must be true. Now, you think – what’s the latest garbage? How times have changed! [That may be the worst pun of the year.-ed. It’s still early.] The whole thing has a comic dimension. A newspaper accusing some guy of having an improper relationship with a woman… or maybe not… is on the edge of opera bouffe, considering the behind the scenes activities of the newspaper’s own staff, from editor and publisher on down. Oh, but I forgot… We’re talking about politicians here. We hold them to a different standard than ourselves.