Roger L. Simon

Fessin' Up in LA

The news that LA Mayor Antonio Viilaraigosa has been having an affair with a Telemundo news anchor and is leaving his wife should be scarcely shocking to anyone remotely familiar with the ins and out (pun intended) of Los Angeles politics.

Everyone I know clued into the local political scene knows that Villaraigosa has a history of Clintonesque behavior when it comes to the opposite sex. What’s remarkable in this case is that he apparently intends to marry the woman. Time will tell on that one.

But the news here, of course, is the non-reporting of the news by the Los Angeles Times. Are we supposed to believe the LAT was ignorant of what was well known by blogger Luke Ford and had been reported by the woman herself on television one month before? Si quiere comprar el puente de Brooklyn… Pathetic, if you think about. The LAT either has the world’s worst collection of hometown reporters or they don’t think this is news. I wonder if, say, Dick Cheney were leaving his wife the LAT would report it.