Roger L. Simon

Blogging through California

I am sitting in the passenger seat of our Subaru SUV (sorry, no hybrid) typing this on my MacBook with a Verizon modem card beamed upward. We are on the dreaded Highway 5, headed all the way to Seattle and, ultimately, Bainbridge Island. It is now 10:12AM Pacific. We got on the road around 5:15AM to beat the traffic and ran smack into two accidents that slowed everything down for about an hour. Then we made the obligatory stop at Harris Ranch for breakfast (it’s not great but it’s all there is on this cuisine starved highway in such a foodie state).

What tickles me is that I can contact the Pajamas crew on iChat as I go, watching the Verizon bars bounce up and down at the top of my screen. So far reception has been pretty good. Speeds are so-so, not equal to broadband (as the company brags), but still it’s amazing to be able to do this. And, unlike an iPhone, I’m typing away right on normal keys with the computer jacked straight into the car, not wasting batteries.