The House of Murtha by Anne Flaherty (redacted version)

Anne Flaherty of the AP fervently kisses the feet of John Murtha in her idolatrous news reporting today“Murtha Moves to Forefront of Iraq Debate.” I doubt who John Murtha really is slipped her mind (even though it isn’t in the article), but I will remind her. John Murtha is a creepy, corrupt politician who escaped an Abscam indictment by testifying against his peers:


And this isn’t just Sean Hannity bloviating. You can see the full version here. Murtha is pond scum. The best you can say of him is that he is the kind of pol who – knowing full well he was dealing with corrupt criminals willing to give bribes- urges those same criminals to invest in his district before bribing him. (“Don Corleone, please invest in my sister’s brothel…”).

Now I am certain Flaherty knows all this, because she does allude to his loss to Steyn Hoyer for Majority Leader. As many readers will recall, this is when Murtha’s unfortunate past popped up again and Pelosi didn’t know what to do. Shame on Flaherty for bowdlerizing this all now. This was true criminal activity, not some sexual dalliance or free trip to play golf at the Four Seasons Maui.

Of course, Murtha’s extreme seaminess doesn’t make him wrong about Iraq. But it does tell us the kind of man he is. That he continued to run for Congress after being so unmasked is just despicable… and that the Democrats continue to play along, even worse.


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