Roger L. Simon

France rolls boxcars

France, that lovely “progressive” country that gave us Drancy, has decided the Israeli reaction to being under attack by Hezbollah is “disproportionate.” Anyone for a trip to Paris this summer? More on the breaking story at Pajamas.

UPDATE: With Hezbollah angling to transfer the kidnapped Israelis to Iran, les jeux sont faits, as our good French friends would say. Perhaps Jimmy Carter should be alerted.

MORE: With Haifa and Safed under missile attack, there is little chance that Israel will let up,despite the hand-wringing. Aren’t you glad John Bolton is in the UN right now?

MEANWHILE: Good-bye to all that:

In addition the IAF dropped fliers over Beirut warning residents of the city to stay clear of Hizbullah operatives, buildings and positions.

Hizbullah leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, along with almost the entire Hizbullah hierarchy, reside in the same neighborhood in southern Beirut.

UPDATE: Don’t miss Allison Kaplan Sommer (other posts also interesting) who is back blogging from outside Tel Aviv. This will also be linked on PJ. Also, please feel free to leave comments on Pajamas ongoing coverage here. We’re trying to iimprove. Our traffic is growing substantially.