Roger L. Simon

The State Department further in retrograde than Venus

Their latest pronouncement on the strange cartoon controversy is yet another reminder what an anachronistic institution our State Department is. It’s not even faintly democratic but rather the most stodgy sort of bureaucracy straight out La Trahison des clercs (the treason of the scribes), a work which seems increasingly prophetic with each passing year. The insularity and clubiness of State is legendary. Self-preservation, and nothing else discernible, seems to be its goal. In a truly democratic state, such institutions would have built in term limits, forcing them to be shaken up and examined in a genuine way. But they do not. Instead, very much like the academy, the State Department lumbers on, never questioning its shibboleths, never changing in a changing world.

UPDATE: LGF wonders if this a hoax. Who knows? But wouldn’t you want a State Department where you knew it was.