Roger L. Simon

Heart of (UN) Darkness

From the Conradian Captain Marlow whose LexisNexis searches are providing fascinating Oil-for-Food food these days:

KOFI Annan’s deputy — who many believe will become the scapegoat for the UN Secretary-General over the oil-for-food debacle — has admitted the international body was “not equipped” to manage the controversial program.

Deputy Secretary-General Louise Frechette, in Melbourne yesterday for a global philanthropy conference hosted by Melbourne University, said the problems that allowed bribery and corruption to infect the UN program were much wider than oil-for-food.

The Captain also points out:

These are the guys who strongly opposed the liberation of Iraq at the Security Council

He’s referring, of course, to the likes of this man:

The former French ambassador to the U.N. security council, Jean-Bernard Merimee, has been ordered jailed by the magistrate investigating French involvement in the oil-for-food scandal, judicial sources said Tuesday.

In case you’re interested, the soi-disant newspaper of record (the NYT) has nothing on Merimee since 1995, at least according to my search. Evidently such stories do not fit their narrative.