Politics is only skin deep... yeah, yeah, yeah....

A play on that old Temptations tune (Beauty is only skin deep…) kept going through my head as I read the reports of Hillary Clinton’s speech yesterday to the centrist Democratic Leadership Council. According to most reports, Hillary was making a bid to outflank the Republicans to the right:


Clinton made it clear in her speech that Democrats should take a tough stand on combatting terrorism, calling for a “unified coherent strategy focused on eliminating terrorists wherever we find them.”

A member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, she echoed calls from the DLC to increase the size of the military, while calling for smarter decisions on deploying forces.

Hypocritical? Maybe… maybe not. (Her husband did move on Milosevic, remember?) But I’m certainly pleased she’s talking this way because this is a signal to many of the tweedle-dees in the media to join ranks and paddle along behind her like so many obedient little ducklings. Anti-war? Moi? Cynical as this sounds, triangulation has its uses for all of us. If we want to win the War on Terror, we’re gong to need some old line liberals at least to pretend to go along.

Of course, some people are distressed, but all the better (for the abovementioned triangulation). Big loser of the day… you guessed it!


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