Roger L. Simon

The Big Nomination

Until tonight, to my knowledge I had never heard of U.S. Circuit Judge John Roberts Jr., Bush’s apparent nominee for the Supreme Court vacancy. But I gather some conservatives are upset. I have advice for them – get over it! The reason is very simple — in case you haven’t noticied it, we are at WAR! Quite recently fifty-five or so Britons and others were blown to death in the London tubes at the hands of Islamofascists. American servicemen and Iraqi citizens are dying every day in Iraq in the struggle for democracy. The last thing a wartime president needs at a moment like this is a divisive Supreme Court fight. And for what? I don’t want George Bush spending one ounce of his credit on this and it may be that he feels the same way.

Now I admit I’m a centrist (or more precisely someone who is bored silly by people who identify with 18th Century ideologies and prefers to think for himself), but seriously, folks, what is really going in the world today? Do you want to see the attention of the U. S. President endlessly diverted by partisan bickering and backstabbing instead of focusing like a laser on what is really important – the preservation of Western Civilization?

UPDATE: BTW, I think “People for the American Way” and other knee-jerk opponents of this nomination faxing out their opposition before anyone has a chance to breath are equally dimwitted. Just where are they living?

MORE: After a short tour d’horizon, it seems Glenn Reynolds’ conservative correspondent linked above was an exceptional case.

AND: For those who may have missed it, the perspicacious Political Teen has video of the Bush and Roberts statements.