Roger L. Simon

Does Hamas go to my dentist?

Possibly. Because even they seem to be reading Newsweek . According to one of their leaflets opposing Laura Bush’s visit to the Al Aksa Mosque:

“In principle, we are not against a visit to Al Aqsa Mosque, but the visit of Ms. Bush is aimed at improving US image in the Islamic world after US army officers tore the papers of Quran before prisoners at the Guantanamo detention camp,” it said.

Well, yes, Hamas is apparently backtracking (like Newsweek) from holy book flushing to page tearing, but do we know if even that desecration occurred? Are there any sworn witnesses? If so, is there any reason to believe those witnesses are doing anything more than deliberately distributing disinformation, as many of them have been taught? Of course they seem to have their willing parrots these days.

Enough. We have an Internet with plenty of space. If these media outlets expect readers to give currency to their reporting, they should post unedited sources on line along with their “analyses”. Otherwise, they are simply insulting our intelligence.

MEANWHILE: Superb analysis from Wretchard.