Roger L. Simon

An Antidote to the Associated Press

While some are thinking (see post below) that the Associated Press should have won the Duranty Prize rather than the Pulitzer Prize for their glamour shots of “insurgents,” the Iraqis themselves have put these thugs on television. This, not the AP photos, is a real “reality show” called “Terrorism in the Hands of Justice.” The Washington Post has an interesting report, including this response to the program from a Baghdad shop owner (yes, it’s an isolated quote but read the rest):

“I watch the show every night, and I wait for it patiently, because it is very revealing,” said Abdul Kareem Abdulla, 42, a Baghdad shop owner. “For the first time, we saw those who claim to be jihadists as simple $50 murderers who would do everything in the name of Islam. Our religion is too lofty, noble and humane to have such thugs and killers. I wish they would hang them now, and in the same place where they did their crimes. They should never be given any mercy.”

UPDATE: More antidote from TigerHawk, including one of those “prize-winning” pics from the AP.

MORE: The Milblogger Prize – I like their photos better. [You’re biased.-ed. No kidding!]