Roger L. Simon

Is Google Progressive or Reactionary?

Reacting to posts on LGF and Instapundit, Jeff Jarvis has demanded transparency from Google in its “news” selection policies (evidently racist websites are news, but blogs are not – unless they’re Blogspot blogs, owned by Google).

I will throw something else into the mix. Google is sleazy in its advertising practices. I have Google Ads on my site (I’m sure most have noticed) and wrote to them the other day to inquire what percentage I was being paid of their revenues. I found out that it is against their policy to disclose this. I have had agents all my life for all kinds of things (from real estate to movie scripts) and always I have known what percentage they are making — but not Google!

Shame on them and shame on me for having them. [Are you taking off the Google ads?-ed. As soon as I can figure out how to do it.] So good-bye, Google ads. It’s a pleasure to get rid of a company that countenances Nazi websites as news.

UPDATE: Google Ads are now gone.