Roger L. Simon

"The UN Gang"

I am just starting a very early bound galley of The UN Gang: A Memoir of Incompetence, Corruption, Espionage, Anti-Semitism, and Islamic Extremism at the UN Secretariat by Pedro A. Sanjuan to be published by Doubleday in September. In 1984, Mr. Sanjuan was appointed by then Vice President Bush to a position in the Secretariat. His mission: keep an eye on Soviet agents inside the UN bureaucracy. What he saw: according to the galley’s back cover, things that make the oil-for-food scandal “just the tip of the iceberg.” I’ll report more on this book after I’ve read it. [Why, sir, do you read books through?-ed. Enough already with your Dr. Johnson!]

And speaking of oil-for-food, this blog has been paying special attention to the Volcker investigation (or lack thereof). Stay tuned.

APROPOS: The UN has evidently chosen Qatar for its Human Rights Center, raising some eyebrows.