Roger L. Simon

Jarvis Does Our Dirty Work

Jeff Jarvis is one of the good guys, but he must be a helluva masochist to have listened to this colloquy between two of the bigger jerks in America, Ward Churchill and Bill Maher. Scratch that – one of the minor fools and one of the bigger jerks. Churchill is just a pinheaded blowhard boring everyone to distraction with his fifteen minutes of inconsequential fame. Maher is something else – a cynical, preening, self-deceiving narcissist who clings to the airwaves with the desperation of a dying leech that will never get off our backs. Nothing he ever says is more than a cliché or less than self-promotion. Whatever small modicum of humor he may once have had has disappeared up his own navel while he was gazing at it, sort of like liposuction in reverse.

UPDATE: Reading this over this morning I wondered why Maher gets me so angry. The answer is simple. We are in a moment where people all over the globe are struggling for democracy for the first time in history. Maher acts as if that’s all about him.