Roger L. Simon

Not too many things leave me speechless...

… but this does. (via Hindrocket)

UPDATE: I received the following email on the topic:

Some of the commenters are complaining that the essay was badly written. Ignoring the issue of whether the essay correctly relates to the question, it is actually pretty well-written when the history of the student is taken into account.


I was a student writing tutor at for 3 years (2000-2003), which actually has an unusually large proportion of Mid-East students, especially from the UAE. I worked with students from the UAE and other parts of the Middle East many times. These students typically have a grasp of the spoken English language, but have problems both with written grammar and with the Western conception of a written essay. Students in the Mid-East are taught a very different essay structure based on culture and language.

In my opinion, the writing style of this essay is excellent for a recent emigre from that section of the world.

I would add that like Percy Dovetonsils (my favorite nom de blog, but I love Restoration theatre) I am most astonished by the Professor’s use of psychotherapy with a student. It smacks of thought control.

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