Roger L. Simon

They're Terrified!

It doesn’t take Freud, Jung or Adler to tell you that when people start flailing around, making dumb statements and stamping their feet, they’re usually feeling cornered (or even terrified, as the title indicates). Call it the Kruschev-bangs-his-shoe-syndrome. Lately a number of members of the mainstream media are “acting out” in this manner with regards to the blogosphere. The latest shoe-banger is a fellow named Steven Levy (likeHugh Hewitt I had never heard of him) who takes off after bloggers as “ankle biters” (please, no pajama jokes – that’s so September 15). He also misquotes Glenn Reynolds – not too bright, Steven. People like Levy seem pathetic and desperate in their attempts to denigrate the blogosphere. Also they seem illiterate, because even a cursory tour of the players would reveal that many bloggers stand up very well, thank you, in terms of credits and CVs to their supposedly superior mainstream colleagues. But we’ve been over all that before. [Maybe Levy was just attacking bloggers to cash in on the blogger craze-ed. I wouldn’t blame him.]