Roger L. Simon

The Soros and the Pity

I’m beginning to think that George Soros has the greatest case of Jewish guilt of all time, even though the numbers posted for his 527 donations at barely put a dent in the multi-billionaire currency trader’s fortune. Still I would imagine those donations constitute a fair proportion of the financial support of, an “org” whose allegiance to the truth is the rough equivalent of Dan Rather’s and whose latest propaganda effort at least contains no Bush=Hitler slurs.

The new ad contains the sad but hardly startling fact that more than 1000 US soldiers have died in Iraq. Needless to say no mention is made that those same people were predicting casualties in excess of Vietnam before the war or that many of the deaths were accidental and could have happened at home. They are what they are – horrible. I suppose Soros, one of a nation that lost six million in World War II, is rightly concerned by each individual death.

But still, one wonders about his motivation in all this. Soros is protesting his conviction by a French court last year for insider trading. His reputation for fooling with the value of the British pound is also well known. But now he is financing the most extreme know-nothing do-gooderism. Is he out to impress himself, others or both? He’s obviously a brilliant man, but one also wonders whether he studies the geopolitical situation with the same alacrity he studies the currency markets. I have my doubts. Emotions, not facts, are at play here.

UPDATE: Incredibly Soros is only number two on this list of 527 donors.