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Are you angry yet? Two paragraphs from Hot Air

As we wait for the President  of the Untied States to finish his golf game — his fourth since the BP oil spill — and then find some “ass to kick,” it is instructive to step back and remember some of what he and his cronies in the White House and Democratic-controlled Congress have in store for you and me. The always tonic web site Hot Air offers a splendid reflection about the predatory confiscations now being contemplated by the Obama administration. Here are two bracing paragraphs:

Watching this Presidential commission discuss strategies for deficit reduction is like watching a pack of gluttons talk about getting in shape while they prowl up and down a buffet table.  They linger over the deep-fried mortgage interest deduction caps, dip their spoons into the rich chocolate of the VAT tax, and lick their lips as they wait for the expired Bush tax cuts to pop out of the oven.  They end up perched on the edge of creaking chairs, tittering at the wonderfully naughty idea of devouring everyone’s 401k plans for dessert.  It’s a nauseating spectacle that will only end when they’re escorted from the restaurant by angry voters.

Vivid, no?  And here’s a more sober graph about the atrocity known as ObamaCare:

No politician has any business talking about tax increases until ObamaCare is repealed.  It’s the most comprehensively failed legislation of the modern era.  Like a taxi that runs on plutonium, it’s costing us a fortune, and making us sick, even while it’s sitting there and doing nothing.  Sold with fanciful promises and fraudulent cost estimates, it’s another expensive scheme to buy votes with taxpayer money, ending with a planned crisis the government will be only too happy to step in and “solve” by seizing even more of our wealth and liberty.  Its passage stymied serious attempts at real improvements to our health-care system, including tort reform and allowing the interstate sale of insurance plans to increase competition.  As with so many other delusional Big Government programs, the opportunity cost of passing ObamaCare, and passing up on reasonable plans that enhance individual liberty, rivals its staggering price tag.  We’ll come trillions closer to a balanced budget by shredding it.

Amen. And while I’m at it, here’s a final paragraph from Hot Air about the outrage that is the public-sector employee union, through which some of your fellow citizens manage a lifetime of featherbedding at your expense:

Another item that must be on the table is the abolition of public-sector employee unions.  The entire concept is ridiculous, a system that transforms taxpayers into serfs for a pampered aristocracy that hates them.  Public employee unions produce a cycle of demand, despair, and violence that begins with fingers bitten off, and ends with murder by arson in the streets of Athens.  Much of the loot from Obama’s $800 billion stimulus heist was used to pay off public unions.  All talk of government “austerity” is meaningless babble until these organizations have been dissolved.

Good stuff, isn’t it? Remember it come November.