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Is Sarah Palin dangerous to your mental health?

I ask because the madness she has inspired in the Left is extraordinary and apparently unstoppable. Already, a week or so into the Sarah Saga, we have been treated to all manner of extravagant ravings about the Governor of Alaska. But level of vituperation, not to say insanity, just keeps going up. The worst to date? Difficult to say, but Glenn Reynolds points to a particularly alarming outburst posted at Salon. When John McCain announced that his pick for Vice-President was Sarah Palin, writes Salonista Cintra Wilson ,

I thought, “Damn, a hyperconservative, fuckable, Type A, antiabortion, Christian Stepford wife in a ‘sexy librarian’ costume — as a vice president? That’s a brilliant stroke of horrifyingly cynical pandering to the Christian right. Karl Rove must be behind it.”

Nice stuff, eh? The sad thing is, I suspect Ms. Wilson really does believe Karl Rove is behind it all. Pathetic, really.

Ms. Wilson’s effusion is worth reading–not, I hasten to note, for its substance, which is nugatory, but rather as a specimen in the archive of political hysteria. The combination of crudity, paranoia, and delusion is breathtaking. My favorite line: “She is not just pro-life, she’s anti-life.” Parse that one, Virginia, and let me know when the patient emerges from the ether.