Karine Jean-Pierre Is Finally Right About Something, and It's Not Pretty

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Biden regime spokesditz Karine Jean-Pierre wants you to know that she is very, very important, and that she is working with other important people who are doing important things. “This is a historic administration,” she announced in a new interview. “I’m a historic figure, and I certainly walk in history every day.” And for once, Jean-Pierre has said something that is entirely true: she is indeed a historic figure who will be remembered long after she has stopped lying and gaslighting the American people with half-baked regime talking points, ineptly delivered. She will be remembered as the most public and obvious indication ever of the wrongheadedness and failure of the Left’s identity politics agenda.


The Blaze reported Saturday that “this week, Jean-Pierre gave an interview to theGrio – a self-described media network ‘focused on the African American community’ and to amplify ‘black culture.’” It’s understandable that identity politics would be the primary focus of an interview to such an outlet, and Jean-Pierre was in no mood to be self-effacing. Despite being abjectly incapable of performing her job adequately, she told theGrio’s White House correspondent Gerren Keith Gaynor, “I love my job.” Well, that makes one of us. Jean-Pierre added, “I know it probably sounds crazy to some people out there, but I do.” Yes, it does sound crazy, given how poorly she is doing her job, and Jean-Pierre had lots more crazy to bring.

“I will never have an opportunity like this or a job like this, ever,” Jean-Pierre continued, but that isn’t necessarily so. We could easily be saddled with another administration as anti-American and fixated on identity politics as this one, and Jean-Pierre could get another chance to add still more luster to her legend. “And it is such a critical moment… to be at this podium right now because of what’s going on, not just in the country, but around the world.” Yes, it is a critical moment, and that’s one of the reasons why Jean-Pierre’s tenure as press secretary is so glaringly awful: at a crucial time in American history, we have an alleged press secretary who cannot speak fronting for a putative president who cannot think.


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Jean-Pierre, of course, sees her role quite differently. Once again throwing humility to the winds, she declared, “Ron Klain, the former chief of staff, used to say to me, ‘You have the hardest job in this building.’” She said nobly that she often felt as if the “weight of the world” was on her shoulders, and warned those who might want to be the next identity politics press secretary, “It is not for everyone.” Only for the impossibly eloquent and indomitably courageous, doncha know.

You’d never know it from her performance, but Jean-Pierre, according to Gaynor, “often spends hours preparing for briefings with her team of 12 staffers and Biden-Harris administration officials to craft messaging to White House reporters and, by proxy, the American people.” And “though it’s a position one could easily find daunting, Jean-Pierre acknowledged that her confidence, or as theGrio puts it, her ‘swag’ in the role has grown over time.” Jean-Pierre herself explained, “You need to be confident if you’re going to be at the podium. We’re not going to get everything right” — you can say that again, Karine — “and that’s OK, but we’re going to do our best to do the business of the American people.” Yes, she and Old Joe are certainly giving the American people the business.


Jean-Pierre also said, “Some people come up to me crying.” That is no doubt also true. I believe that if I ever got a chance to meet her, I’d be crying, too. I’d be crying over a regime that values skin color, gender, and sexual preference over competence. I’d be crying over a regime that repeatedly fobs off the American people with deceptions, deflections, finger-pointing, and outright lies, and then claims that it’s heroic and groundbreaking as it does so. I’d be crying over a White House press secretary who is reflexively disposed to dismiss any and all criticism as racism, sexism, and/or homophobia, when there are very real reasons to think that she is doing a disastrous job.

Ultimately, however, Karine Jean-Pierre will be proven right. She will go down in history. She will be remembered in future generations as a prime example of how an advanced society went mad and started giving important jobs to people based on the color of their skin and their sexual proclivities rather than on their ability actually to perform the tasks the job involved. She is convinced that she will have a role in history, and she will. But it won’t be pretty



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