Biden's Redefinition of 'Infrastructure' Does 'Violence to the English Language'

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It’s amazing what politicians can do to the English language to obscure their true objectives in passing a bill. Under the guise of saving the planet, protecting children, guarding America, or “expanding” the right to vote, all sorts of legislative mischief can become law.


There are all sorts of worthy causes that have been hijacked and put to work promoting rancid laws. Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill is no different.

When Biden says “infrastructure,” he’s really saying “tax increase.” When Democrats use that term, they really mean “Green New Deal.” And the way Biden is selling this $2.3 trillion “American Jobs Plan,” is by claiming Republicans support “infrastructure” spending but oppose his bill because they hate black people…or something.

In fact, in Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar plan, only 6 percent is earmarked to spend on repairing roads and bridges. More money would go to buying electric cars than would be spent on actual infrastructure projects.

The Republicans are making a tremendous effort to correct the record on what Biden is really up to with his tax increases, “green” energy projects, and “sustainable” energy generation.

Senator Roy Blount on ABC’s This Week on Sunday.

“I’ve reached out to the White House a couple of times now and said, you’ve got an easy bipartisan win here if you’ll keep this package nearly focused on infrastructure … Why would you pass up the opportunity here to focus on roads, bridges, what’s happening underground as well as above the ground on infrastructure … There’s more in the package, George, for charging stations for electric vehicles, $174 billion, than there is for roads, bridges and airports and ports. When people think about infrastructure, they’re thinking about roads, bridges, ports and airports. That’s a very small part of what they’re calling an infrastructure package that does so much more than infrastructure that — I understand the dynamic of taking a popular title and put it, wrapping it around a bill that it’s a fairly small percentage of, but it’s the difference of whether you have a bipartisan, easy win or a very partisan, broad-based $2.25 trillion package.”


The very same thing happened during the debate over Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill. Democrats sold it as a pandemic stimulus when, in fact, most of it went to bailing out states and bribing teachers. How far can the Democrats stray from the original legislative intent in order to pass unrelated — and controversial — non-priorities that have nothing to do with “infrastructure.”

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Most of us know the practice as “bait and switch” and Democrats have become experts at it under Joe Biden.


Does the $328 billion to improve housing stock, modernize schools and child care facilities, and upgrade VA hospitals and federal buildings qualify as infrastructure? A lot of that money will be spent on physical stuff, but it doesn’t fit the definition of infrastructure Democrats have traditionally used. The word starts to get strained beyond recognition when the White House gets to the $590 billion to ‘invest in domestic manufacturing, research & development, and job training initiatives.’ These are economic priorities that have been included in previous Democratic jobs bills, but they aren’t infrastructure. Finally, the largest single item in the plan is $400 billion to ‘expand home care services and provide additional support for care workers.’ … [I]t’s silly to call it infrastructure and no previous politician who put forward a similar caregiving proposal has done so under the guise of infrastructure spending.


Since the America Jobs Plan will be presented as a budget reconciliation measure, each and every part of it must pass muster with the Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough. But she’s not concerned whether a specific part of the bill has anything to do with infrastructure. All she can rule on is whether the criteria for being a budget item are met.

As many Republicans have pointed out, Biden could have a huge bipartisan win if he presented an infrastructure-only bill. But the radicals would never allow it, seeing the $2.3 trillion bill as perhaps their last chance to transform America.

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