Gov. Cuomo's Unhinged Rant Blaming Trump for Causing the COVID Outbreak in New York


Governor Andrew Cuomo gave a press briefing yesterday that quickly went off the rails when the New York governor, whose policies have killed 33,000 people, went off on Donald Trump, saying the president “caused” the COVID outbreak.


How did Trump do that? Apparently, he didn’t institute a travel ban from Europe fast enough.

Fox News:

“Donald Trump caused the COVID outbreak in New York,” Cuomo said during a press briefing. “That is a fact. It’s a fact that he admitted, and the CDC admitted, and Fauci admitted.”

He also slammed the president for calling coronavirus the “China virus.”

Everyone was calling it the “China virus,” including the liberal media, until the Chinese civil rights lobby realized, “Hey! That’s us!” and began calling people “racist” for using the term. It might be interesting to go back and see what Cuomo was calling it.

“In mid-March the federal government does the travel ban from Europe,” the Democratic governor said. “Too little too late, Mr. President.” He called Trump’s CDC, National Institutes of Health and Department of Homeland Security “incompetent.”

“The virus killed many more Americans than anything you were worried about on the southern border,” he said. “This nation loses more people per day to COVID than any nation on the globe.”

Note Governor Cuomo’s dig at immigration enforcement advocates. Cheap — and small-minded. As far as the late travel ban, at the time it was instituted, there was still hope it wouldn’t be necessary. Think of how Cuomo reacted when governors from around the country decided to ban travel to their states from New Yorkers.


Blessed with 20/20 hindsight, the ban might have been put in place sooner. But it’s ludicrous to say that a travel ban would have kept the coronavirus out of New York. Besides, once the virus hit Cuomo’s state, his policies made it far worse than it should have been.

I’ve got just two words for you, Andy: Nursing homes.

“You know who did that? Donald Trump’s incompetence,” he added. “And now, they won’t provide federal funding to help repair the damage from the ambush they created.”

“Ambush”? Where did that come from? And it’s Trump’s fault that New York’s fiscal problems — which predate the coronavirus pandemic — are being made worse by an incompetent fool of a governor?

Cuomo says that Trump is “trying to kill” New York. Considering the skyrocketing murder rate, the violent crime wave that’s hit New York City, the nursing home murders that Cuomo still won’t take responsibility for — it’s a wonder Cuomo doesn’t blame Trump for all of it.

Cuomo’s incompetent response to the pandemic, his wrongheadedness on lockdown policy, his refusal to give some businesses a reprieve and allow them to open, means that thousands of businesses will never reopen and tens of thousands of workers will be unemployed.


It’s his policies that are at fault, but he thinks Trump or “they” created an “ambush”? Who’s “they”? It’s a conspiracy, I tell you!

The problem with trying to blame others for your own incompetence is that a cursory examination of the record reveals how much you’re lying. You don’t have to dig very deep to get at the truth. And in Cuomo’s case, there are more than 33,000 dead bodies to point to.

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