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I finished the draft of an 80,000 word work of fiction about two months ago and distributed the MS to a few friends, some of them professional writers.  It’s in edit and hope to get it going somehow though the publishing market for books is thin right now. About all I can rightfully say is that it is structurally in the form of a thriller and the tagline is probably going to be “Freedom is the most dangerous addiction of all.”


Here are some comments from readers who have seen the MS.

My overall reaction is that it’s an unusually intelligent book for a page-turner. No surprises there. But I was a little suprised by the extent to which I also found it genuinely moving. This is war story and a love story and both those sides are well done. We turn the pages not only to find out what happens next but because we care about the characters.

“As far as plausibility, much of the action and the sequences, along with the gear and weapons you describe seemed very reasonably realistic to me.”

It’s undergoing cleanup and a revision or two; some characters will be amplified upon. But essentially it is finished and I’m glad of it. Whatever fate it meets, the story — or at least a story — will lie waiting to be heard, if not as it happened, then at least in the spirit of things.

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