CNN/YouTube GOP Debate Warmup

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NY Daily News: “Wednesday night’s CNN/YouTube debate promises to be the fiercest brawl of the GOP campaign, experts say, with just 36 days to go before the first votes in a wide-open Republican presidential primary … In many ways, the sparring has already begun.”


WSJ: “With six weeks to go until the Iowa caucuses, the stakes in this debate are higher. The eight men haven’t debated in a month.”

Suitably Flip makes some predictions; Matt Lewis tells us what to expect.

CNN: “The CNN/YouTube debate also puts Florida in the political spotlight. The Sunshine State is used to playing a decisive role in the general election. Who can forget the Florida vote-count faceoff between George W. Bush and Al Gore after the 2000 election?”

Say Anything: “So for better or worse, the journalists pick the questions and the whole “YouTube” thing is just a fad CNN is engaging in to appear hip, open and technologically advanced.”

techPresident: “What if the Public Chose the CNN/YouTube Questions?”

Cheat Seeking Missiles: “We kid ourselves if we think this format allows the people to speak. In August, over 3,000 submitted videos got winnowed down to 37 that were used; winnowed not by the people, but by the gatekeepers.”

Wired: “As Republican presidential contenders brace for Wednesday’s CNN-YouTube debate, the executive in charge of the event is unapologetic about his decision to put mainstream journalists in charge of deciding which user-contributed YouTube videos the candidates will actually face on the air.”

Michelle Malkin will be liveblogging; Hot Air will stream video live of themselves watching the debate. Right Wing News will also liveblog.

ScrappleFace: The Most Important Question at CNN/YouTube Debate


Garrett Graff: “Just like the Democratic YouTube debate in August, tonight’s forum will be one of the most entertaining political events of the year but also perhaps one of the most filled with promise.”

Patrick Ruffini: “Republicans meet in St. Pete at the cusp of real success online. I for one am hoping they all do well tomorrow night.” He’ll be liveblogging.

Computer World: The 10 funniest videos submitted.

US News & World Report: A users’ guide.

Dean Barnett: “Hopefully tonight will serve as a teachable moment for Republicans regarding technological flash vs. political substance.”

Duane Patterson: “Should We Trust CNN And YouTube In The Debate Wednesday Night?”

AP: “Some of the GOP candidates were reluctant to attend the debate in St. Petersburg, Fla., because they worried the format wasn’t serious enough, but a full lineup is expected. A melting snowman frightened about global warming was among the questioners at the Democrats’ CNN-YouTube debate on June 3 … Of the more than 3,500 video submissions reviewed by CNN producers, only about 40 will be played at the debate, CNN said.”


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