A Personal Report From Your PJ Media Correspondent in Turkey

Gates of Vienna: “Beauchamp will have to re-invent himself. Perhaps a new career that doesn’t require integrity or the need to stay in touch with reality.”


Kevin Drum: “It’s hard to judge whether this is damning or not. … Still, this seems like something TNR needs to respond to.”

Power Line “‘The editors’ have taken the personal scandal of Scott Thomas Beauchamp and turned it into an institutional debacle.”

Daily Kos: “Gigantic Circle-Jerk Taking Over RW Blogosphere … The story is gone from Drudge’s front page. Completely gone. Not so ‘developing’ anymore, it would seem.”

Captain’s Quarters: “Foer can cast this in conspiracy theories all week long. In the end, TNR had all of the information it needed to conclude that Beauchamp lied to them and to their readers. Foer and TNR chose to keep it to themselves.”

NRO: “We’re hearing from The New Republic that the Drudge story isn’t the damning evidence it suggests to be … stay tuned.”

Little Green Footballs:“I have it on very good authority that these are completely genuine, no forgery involved.” (LGF has transcripts of the conversations between TNR and Scott Beauchamp.)


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