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Are Christians Really Endangered in America?

On Monday, I posted an article at Pajamas about those Muslims who openly criticize or leave Islam for secular or even for Christian lives. Their lives are endangered forever after. Apostates are not safe, not even in America.

Today, I have a piece at which explores the issues that are embodied in the case of Rifqa Bary, who is currently on trial in Columbus, Ohio. Either America truly believes in religious freedom or it does not. If we do, then we should be as interested in ensuring a person’s right to leave their religion and to choose another religion as we are in building mosques at Ground Zero for Muslims whose home countries do not allow the building of churches, temples, or synagogues.

Rifqa Bary

Here is the beginning of my piece at FOX:

What Rifqa Bary’s Case Tells Us

America prides itself on religious tolerance. We welcome all houses of worship.

Increasingly, however, Islamist leaders are demanding even more religious tolerance, more mosques.

However, there is absolutely no reciprocity in the Muslim world. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, do not allow Christians, Jews, or other “infidels” to pray openly or to build any or new houses of worship.

Currently, the Arab Muslim Middle East is almost completely “Judenrein,” (free of Jews) since more than 800,000 Arab Jews were exiled or forced to flee their countries between 1948-1968.

Currently, Christians are being savagely persecuted in Egypt, the disputed Palestinian territories, Somalia, Algeria, Iran, Pakistan and Indonesia.

Christians have literally been crucified, teenaged Christian girls have been kidnapped, raped, then forced to marry their rapists and convert to Islam.

In 2007, an Egyptian, Mohammed Hegazy, converted to Christianity and tried to legally register his conversion. He received so many death threats that he was forced into hiding; his own father threatened to “kill him with my own hands if he does not return to Islam.”

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