Chesler Chronicles

My Prayer for a Passover Miracle

It is time for a miracle.

Every spring, the Jewish people find themselves back in Egypt, enslaved either as pyramid-builders or, as some commentators suggest, assimilated idol worshippers. Each year, the Jews are in need of God’s intervention. They cannot liberate themselves on their own. Indeed, the highly ritualized Passover meal is meant to teach Jews that true redemption, ultimate redemption, can only be granted by God. Moses, our greatest prophet and teacher, is not mentioned in the Passover Haggadah for this very reason.

Today, the Jews of Europe and Israel, and the handful who remain in the Islamic world, face grave, even existential danger. The perverse demonization of Israel and the equally perverse de-ification of Islam is almost complete. Right now, the Islamic member states of the United Nations are busy preparing Durban Two, a document and a conference that legalizes Jew-hatred even further. Iran continues to threaten to genocidally exterminate Israel through nuclear weaponry. The European Union and the United States are appeasing, not confronting, these Islamic nation states.

Early this month, our new, young and handsome American President, Barack Hussain Obama, bowed, but only slightly, to the British Queen; in contrast, President Obama, the leader of the free world, bowed quite deeply, to the Saudi King, a tyrant who funds Islamist terrorism, both in the Kingdom and globally.

On April 6, 2009, President Obama also told the Turkish people that the United States “is not and will never be at war with Islam.” (But we need the Muslims to start telling us that). Whoa! Whom does our President believe attacked us on 9/11?

Does President Obama believe that such obeisance-diplomacy will soften the hard hearts of the Pharoanic-Islamists? Has he been advised that if he presents himself as “one of them,” (which he has just done in Ankara and in Istanbul), that Islamists will give up jihad and terrorism, renounce Islamic gender and religious apartheid, cease their Sunni-Shiia religious warfare? Does President Obama believe that if he is popular among Muslims that his popularity will somehow strengthen moderate, peaceful, dissident and feminist Muslims in their fight against Islamism?

I hope he is right. I fear he is wrong. While Moses did keep politely asking Pharoah to let his people go—God also made sure to accompany these requests with a series of devastating plagues.

Slaves are liberated by force, not by appeals to reason; slaves are never sent away until or unless the slave-holder is terrified that he will lose much more, including his own life, if he does not do so. In our country, a Civil War had to be fought and much blood shed, in order to free the African slaves.

Mr. President Obama: While you may mean well, make no mistake. Most people who live under Islamist and Islamic rule are treated like slaves. Your dhimmi-like posture endangers precisely the kind of Muslims who most need America’s support.

God, your world is in danger. Evil people–your creatures too–are now more technologically capable of destroying your Creation than ever before. Please do not allow this to happen.

God, with all due respect for human ingenuity, we (the Jews, the world), need a miracle and we need it now.

God, please have a wonderful Passover.