I Hear America Singing, Hope It’s Not A Swan Song

The Dow is falling just as the Twin Towers once fell. Obama’s campaign soars on the wings of this crisis. Some Obama supporters no longer care about facts and become exceedingly aggressive when one tries to offer any. “I dare you to prove that,” they yell, their faces all a-snarl. “That’s a right-wing racist lie.”


“Lies” include noting that the Democrats were the ones who originally backed Fannie and Freddie; that Obama’s group, ACORN, was involved in demanding non-affordable housing for the poor–and in voter fraud allegations as well; that Obama’s relationship to Bill Ayers was neither casual nor insignificant; that, according to one source, both Ayers and Obama attended Edward Said’s classes at Columbia; that Obama’s choice of foreign policy advisors are anti-Israel…that Obama’s campaign literally stole the election from Hillary, caucus by caucus.

“Racist lies, damn racist lies.” (This is usually said with a twisted, angry face mainly by white liberals).

“Obama has very important Jews who vouch for him. I know some of them personally.” (This is usually accompanied by shaming and bullying tactics: “What is wrong with you?” “Are you going to do the right thing or not?”)

Wiser Obama supporters are not necessarily defensive or hostile.

“Did you see how fragile McCain looked in the last debate,” says my gifted dentist as he rescues me from yet another emergency. “He looked frail. Those five years in captivity plus the repeated bouts of cancer had to have weakened him.” My mouth is open and there is nothing I can say. “But here’s where he really lost me,” my dentist continues. “Palin may be a Babe, she may even be a governor-Babe, but how can anyone function as a national leader with so many under-age children? I include her soon-to-be-born grandchild. I’d say the same thing if she was a man whose spouse worked on the North Face. She should have turned the offer down and offered to serve in some other position if McCain wins.”


The dental nurse chimes in. “Why do you think she parades her infant and young children around so late at night? That’s not right, is it? What kind of judgment does this show?”

An investment banker, (one of the lucky ones who’s landed on his feet), genially points out that “McCain’s still my guy but what a shame he didn’t pick Mitt Romney who’d know something about handling a fiscal crisis. This is one time that McCain’s creative impulsivity may not have paid off long-term.”

A corporate lawyer sighs. “McCain tapped someone who is simply not qualified to govern in case he dies. I can’t vote for a man with such poor judgment or for Palin as a Vice President.”

A religious Israeli-American businesswoman says: “McCain lost the election in that last debate. I don’t feel safe in America anymore. My family ran from Hitler. Where will we run now?”

“McCain’s gonna win,” another businessman tells me. “Wait until people are alone in that voting booth, when no one can tell them what to do or how to think.”

My son and daughter-in-law are ardent Obama supporters. I cherish them both, I respect their views. They strongly feel that America now belongs to the younger generations, that it is their time to take over, that a professorial and oratorical Obama is head and shoulders above anyone who does not have his grace and style.


Me? I voted for Hillary and for six years now, I have been documenting the ways in which the allegation of “racism” intimidates and silences people–as it is meant to do–and allows totalitarian thuggery and Jew hatred more room to grow. All over Europe charges of “racism” are being used to subdue the indigenous populations. This time, the natives are mainly white people–but the victims also include Jews, Muslim girls and women, and Muslim dissidents. I also believe that, in the name of “anti-racism,” French Revolutionary style mobs are assembling, dreaming of heads rolling. A new Dawn of blood is being threatened in Europe. Mainly Muslim mobs are rioting in cities in Holland, France, and England but many more are simply accomplishing jihad and separatism by stealth, lawsuit, and Saudi money.

I hope this “soft” jihad never reaches our shores but I fear it has.

Yesterday, I spent the day praying to God to forgive my many sins and the sins of others and I prayed to God to protect the American government, soldiers, and people, as well as the leaders and soldiers of Israel. I prayed for all humanity and for world peace. I prayed for reason to prevail over madness, love over hatred.


Happy Jewish New Year to one and all. May our prayers be answered.


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