Woke Fascism: Securing the Democrats' Monopoly of Power in Perpetuity

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

Far-right mobs are very similar in tactics—silencing, intimidating, and destroying—although their targets vary. Brownshirt fascist thugs target Jews; Muslim jihadi mobs target infidels; Black Lives Matter thugs target whites; and Ku Klux Klan mobs target blacks. They are all fueled by hate, and all aim ultimately at destruction.


Far-left mobs, such as antifa and other anarchists and communists share the same tactics of silencing, intimidating, and destroying, but target the political and economic order. But as they become more and more extreme, the left and the right do not become more different, they become more similar. They are not opposite far ends of a continuum, but rather the left and right are sides of a circle which, as they become more extreme and farther from democracy, converge at oppressive despotism and totalitarianism.

The Democrat Party has adopted both BLM and antifa mobs as their militias, and have validated, funded, and defended them as they destroy Democrat-controlled cities, which were once American cities, and ensured their success by constraining, defunding, and now persecuting police who have traditionally been charged with maintaining order and public safety.

The Democrat mobs in practice act the opposite of what they claim to represent. Antifa means “anti-fascist,” and their object is anarchy, so that differs from the racism of BLM and other fascist mobs, but their tactics are exactly the same. In the streets, there is no difference between antifa and fascist thugs. BLM claims to represent the interests of blacks, but their jihad against the police makes blacks less safe and more insecure, and subject to even greater levels of black-on-black violence, as we have seen in Democrat inner cities as shootings and murders spike shockingly, and even children take to stabbing one another. Blacks know this, which is why they overwhelmingly support a police presence in their communities. Eighty-one percent of blacks want to maintain or increase police presence.

The Democrat Party jihad against the police is part of its narrative about America’s “systemic racism,” and is based, as is the entire narrative, upon a series of blatant and shameless lies. Democrats and self-proclaimed Marxist BLM race activists claim that all black Americans are at risk of being murdered by police. In 2018, 61.5 million residents of the U.S. had contact with the police. According to the Washington Post, in 2018, police shot and killed 990 individuals, of whom the majority were white.


The Democrat Washington Post goes on to emphasize that “Black Americans are shot at a disproportionate rate. They account for less than 13 percent of the U.S. population, but are killed by police at more than twice the rate of White Americans.” What the Post avoids mentioning is that black Americans commit crimes disproportionately, including murder, at three times the rate of their percentage of the population. As the job of the police is to stop criminal activity, and there is a higher percentage of black criminals than the percentage of blacks in the general population, it is to be expected that black contacts with police would be disproportionate, and that violent conflicts would be at a higher level than blacks’ percent of the population. There is no evidence of racism here, just police doing their job to stop criminals, whatever their race. Once again, the Democrat media massages the news to conform to its narrative.

The Democrat anti-police narrative, seen in response to the Columbus, Ohio, police shooting of a knife-wielding assailant about to stab a victim, ignores the crime, has only sympathy for the criminal, and condemns the police action as racist, even though, in this case, it saved a girl’s life. This is one strand in the more general Democrat narrative that America is systemically racist, with all whites, but especially the 75 million “deplorable” Trump voters, oppressing all blacks, and the blacks all being victims of white racism. This is a bit rich coming from the Democrats, historically the party of segregation, Jim Crow laws, and the Ku Klux Klan.

But the Democrats see a racial divide and race conflict as beneficial to their electoral chances. Around 80% of blacks vote Democrat, although Democrats have served them poorly, while too many whites, in their eyes, vote Republican. In order to advance their power, Democrats have pushed the “systemic racism” narrative to undermine America’s 70% supermajority of whites by convincing them that whites are guilty of racism, and America is evil now and was always evil. The Democrats claim that they will fix all of this, as long as they remain in power. This Democrat narrative is self-serving and an egregious lie.


America is less racist than ever, and perhaps less racist than any country in world history. The surveys show that personal attitudes are not racist, as do voting patterns that elect blacks to the highest offices, and as does the huge spike in interracial marriages. If all of that were not enough, for fifty years “affirmative action” has given special preferences and privileges to blacks in education, business, and government.

The Democrat narrative is that statistical disparities among racial groups in regard to education, occupation, and economics, particularly the underrepresentation of blacks, is proof that blacks are subject to discrimination. No evidence of this discrimination is ever offered, and so this claim is without substantiation. What we do know is that statistical disparities can result from well-documented differential individual preferences, educational accomplishment, family structure, and community culture. These are causes of statistical disparities. But Democrats insist that for “racial justice” there must be “equity,” which means equal results among all racial groups, and they are prepared to bring this about force majeure

If you have noticed that all of these claims by Democrats appear to be monstrous lies, you should not be surprised. Partisan lying seems to be the primary strategy of the Democrat Party. In the last four years, the Democrats, echoed by the Democrat media and enabled by the FBI, have championed the Russia collusion hoax, an outright attack on the peaceful transfer of power and the duly elected Republican administration based on fake documents initiated and paid for by the Democrats. Then the Democrats conjured up outrageous, evidence-free accusations against a Republican nominee for the Supreme Court.


After the Democrats loosed their BLM and antifa militias on their cities, the Democrat media, which is just about all of the media, repeatedly characterized the riots, looting, arson, assaults on police, and murder of civilians as “mostly peaceful protests.” Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize-winning economist, and Democrat mouthpiece, in April 2021 said, “GOP supporters believe that rampaging mobs burned and looted major cities — somehow without the people actually living in those cities noticing.” Krugman is a latter-day Bagdad Bob, denying what was plainly visible to anyone not blinded by partisan loyalty.

The Democrats also claim that the 2020 presidential election was clean and fair, ignoring the dirty tricks and illegal manipulations that they so favor in their urban machines.

Finally, Democrats proclaimed that the riot at the capitol in protest against the stolen election was an “insurrection” attempting to overthrow the government, and that all participants and all 75 million Trump voters were “domestic terrorists” whom the security agencies must suppress. No lie is so great or so unlikely that the Democrats will not adopt it if it appears to offer them a partisan advantage.

Fortunately for the Democrats, they are not alone with their media and security agencies. The other American elites have all thrown their support behind the Democrats and their strategy of racial division and suppression of the majority of Americans. Big tech now secures the Democrat narrative by censoring and banning any contrary opinions, no matter how authoritative, as in banning of doctors who oppose the futile and destructive lockdowns, or who had direct knowledge of successful medications that had been blackballed because some conservatives spoke in favor of them. Major newspaper stories, such as the New York Post story on Hunter Biden’s influence-peddling scheme, have been shut out from social media because big tech thought it might harm Joe Biden’s election chances.


Big business, Hollywood, professional sports, and big finance are all with the Democrat Party. Big business disgraced itself by condemning the very moderate Georgia voting law to ensure secure legal voting because “President” Biden called it “Jim Crow on steroids,” historically highly inaccurate, and thus a gross and despicable lie. Hollywood and professional sports, like big business, are actively pro-China, because of the great profits to be made in its huge consumer market. For these international enterprises, ideas such as “America first” is anathema. Keeping Americans divided and hating one another through “woke” propaganda suits these companies very nicely. They are quite happy to sell out Americans, as they have done when they sent whole industries to China, to mouth Chinese Communist Party slogans, and to censor any report or story that might offend the CCP.

Finally, but far from last in importance, is our Marxist educational system. As the font of “woke” extremism, universities have nurtured traditional Marxists who, having lost patience with the quiescent working class, turned to identity politics to fuel class struggle and revolution. Feminists adopted the class struggle but replaced the war of the proletariat against the capitalists with the war of females against males. Gays adopted the same model, gays against heteros. And race activists framed the struggle as the war against “people of color” by whites. Academic Marxists redefined racism so that only whites could be racist, and replaced equality among individuals with “equity,” equal results for all collective gender, sexuality, and race categories, and redefined “inclusion” as institutionalized segregation. This noxious brew of gender and race hate, special privileges for preferred categories of people, spread to the schools, thanks to radical faculties of education, and beyond to the media, big tech, big business, entertainment, government, and the military. Black Lives Matter and the Marxist left of the Democrat Party combine the anti-capitalist class struggle with the anti-white identity politics class struggle, with the goal of transforming America into a socialist state in which everyone depends entirely on the government.


The fascist societies of the mid-twentieth century combined a monopoly of power with suppression of opposing views and opinions. A monopoly of power was supported by the oligarchical alliance of the elites of education, the media, business, finance, and the military. The Democrat Party is very close to that fascist ideal, and their current initiatives—to impose rules of voting guaranteeing fixed elections, to add fake Democrat states to insure majorities, to open borders to admit millions of new illegal Democrat voters, and to pack the Supreme Court so that the Constitution is no longer a constraint—are aimed at securing their monopoly of power in perpetuity. The suppression of opposing views and opinions is going full throttle in the media, big tech, and schools and universities; any deviation from the Marxist narrative leads to the cancellation of the “racists,” “white supremacists,” and “internal terrorists” who express such views.

The only mid-twentieth-century fascist feature missing is nationalism, for the Biden Democrat fascists are full-scale internationalists, especially in their alliances with China. So this is not the old nationalist fascism; it is the new internationalist fascism. The new woke fascism.




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