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Nailed It! Mom's Viral Video Shows Difference Between First Pregnancy and All Others

If you have had more than one baby, you are well aware that there is a HUGE difference between being pregnant with your first and being pregnant with any of the other ones. With your first child, you have the time (and energy) to focus on all things baby. The nursery is perfect and ready to welcome your little bundle. You know exactly how many weeks and days pregnant you are, and in what stage of development your baby is.

But when the subsequent children are conceived, it's a whole other ball of wax. Who has time for morning sickness when you have a toddler running around trying to kill himself at every turn? And seasoned moms know that a perfect nursery isn't necessary to make a newborn feel comfortable. Plus, can we talk about the difference between sneezing while pregnant with #1 and sneezing while pregnant with #3? Yeah.

Mom blogger, Esther Anderson, recently posted a hilarious video to her blog, Story of This Life. In it she accurately sums of life as a pregnant first-time mama, vs. life as a pregnant mama with two other little kids running amok. If you have more than one child, you will absolutely relate. If you're just thinking about expanding your family, take notes — because this will soon be your life!