VIDEO: Chef Wolfgang Puck Calls Out Hollywood Hypocrisy on Climate Change

Chef and Restaurateur Wolfgang Puck speaks in Washington D.C. Photo credit: Nicholas Ballasy

WASHINGTON — Chef and restaurateur Wolfgang Puck said that “a lot people in Hollywood” who drive all-electric Teslas have questioned his use of a gasoline vehicle but they fly around in private jets that use much more fuel than his car.


Martha Stewart discussed climate change at the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show on Saturday. When Puck was initially asked about Stewart’s presentation, he replied, “Oh, it wasn’t about her sex life?” As the audience laughed in response, Puck added, “I like all kinds of women — see, older, younger, it’s OK.”

Puck, who is one of the wealthiest celebrity chefs, was asked if he is making lifestyle and/or business changes due to climate change.

“I was always very concerned about the environment — sustainability. I’ve always believed to use local ingredients, you know? So, what can we do to help? Like, I have a lot of people in Hollywood. They say, ‘oh, you’re still driving a car with gasoline’ and they are driving a Tesla,” Puck said on Sunday. “And then I find out they also fly a private jet and that uses 10 times more gas in one trip to New York and back than what I use in a year with my car. But I think we all have to be really concerned about it.”


Puck, who owns many restaurants such as Spago in Beverly Hills, continued, “And I think when you think that our government today doesn’t believe in it, or at least the president doesn’t believe in global warming or anything similar to it, I think it’s really sad. But the rest of the world really, they all know we have to change because we don’t want to be responsible that one day our grandchildren are going to say we f—ed up the world.”



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