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CNN Commentator Compares O'Reilly Race Comments to Apartheid

(Rex Features via AP Images)

On Tuesday, Bill O’Reilly forwarded the claim that efforts to abolish the Electoral College were an attack on the “white establishment.” He noted that a presidential campaign seeking to win the national popular vote would focus on large coastal cities and ignore middle America.

Those comments were thought provocative by many on the left, who reacted with their typical restraint and sobriety. From CNN:

CNN political commentator Bakari Sellers shot back Wednesday at Fox News host Bill O’Reilly…

Sellers, who served in the South Carolina legislature, told CNN’s Don Lemon that, “if you close your eyes, you believe that you are listening to a clip from 1968 or apartheid South Africa.”

The Electoral College is now apartheid? Okay.

O’Reilly might be justly criticized for making the Electoral College debate about race, if it wasn’t for the fact that the left did it first. Indeed, Sellers went on to say…

… there’s a larger conversation to be had about white supremacy.

“I do not want to reduce this conversation to one about the Electoral College,” Sellers said.

He wants to talk about white supremacy. That’s racial. Sellers thus affirms precisely what O’Reilly said. The effort to abolish the Electoral College includes racial motivations. You can’t go around talking about white supremacy as a public policy issue, then balk when someone characterizes that as an attack upon the “white establishment.” O’Reilly is simply reflecting back what the left has explicitly said.

Sellers continued with more double-speak:

“We have to talk about the simple fact that, African-Americans, we don’t want anything from white people. It’s not as if we want to take something from white nationalists, or take something from white supremacists.

“All we really want are the things that are our inalienable rights. We don’t want you to give us anything. Just basic human dignity and equity is all we’re asking.”

Would that were true. If those sharing Sellers’ ideological persuasion sought only the recognition of inalienable rights, there would be little to no racial conflict in this country. The problem is that his idea of “inalienable rights” includes precisely what he attempts to deny: claims over the dominion and property of others. The left’s notions of “basic human dignity” and “equity” require literal pilfer, and now include the intent to decimate representation of most states in presidential elections. In spite of Sellers’ denials, that amounts to taking something from white people (along with anyone else who disagrees with them politically).

Here’s the video from Sellers on CNN: