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There's One Huge Irony Gun-Rights Activists at Virginia Rally Keep Pointing Out


Gun-rights activists from all over the country have converged on Richmond, Va., for “Lobby Day.” The Virginia Citizens Defense League, the state’s largest gun-rights group, hosts the lobbying day every year.

But this year is different. Tens of thousands of Americans have come as part of a show of support for law-abiding gun owners whose rights are being threatened by the Democrats who now hold solid majorities in the legislature and governor’s mansion.


But one thing activists have noticed. There’s a fence around the building limiting the number of people who can go in. No weapons are allowed, even though Virginia is an open-carry state.

Lawmaker Nick Freitas says it’s the only time that Democrats believe in a wall to keep people out.

It turns out Democrats do like border fences…but only for 2nd Amendment rallies. So theoretically if we moved the…

Posted by Nick Freitas on Friday, January 17, 2020

The well-behaved crowd is separated by a fence into two groups. Those who are carrying as usual and those who have been disarmed and fenced in, which is called the “freedom zone,” according to a Minnesota gun-rights activist who came to video the event.

Memes about this “freedom zone” are making the rounds:


The crowd quieted for a few moments to sing the “Star-Spangled Banner.”

A gun-rights activist from Ohio said during his livestream on Facebook what many were thinking:

“Thousands of people and probably tens of thousands of guns. It’s the safest place in America!”

Unless Virginia Democrats have their way.