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The 12 Perfect Responses to This Horrible 'Daily Show' 'Knock Someone Up' Tweet

When the Supreme Court struck down two Texas laws holding abortion clinics to higher medical standards on Monday, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah responded with a tweet that infuriated both pro-lifers and abortion advocates. Since the ruling was a victory for the abortion side, the TV show suggested a rather vulgar form of celebration.

Here is the tweet, in all of its glory.

Here is a list of the 12 most perfect responses to this horrible tweet.

1. Even former Daily Show guest Nick Vlahos attacked it.


2. From Fox News Contributor Meghan McCain.

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3. This Game of Thrones reference is spot on.


4. Not enough women on The Daily Show?

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5. Spot on, Homie!


6. Hillary Clinton’s “Delete Your Account” finally put to good use.

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7. A TV anchor with the phrase of the day.


8. COLD!

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9. You know it’s bad when…


10. This is ALMOST an insult to Trump.

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11. Speaking the truth.


12. Take that, liberals!