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Philadelphia Election Worker Reportedly Said GOP Votes Not Allowed 'On My Machine'

The act of being a poll worker tends to attract people who are politically inclined. To head off problems, the law is very clear about what behavior is illegal — yet it looks like Philadelphia has a serious problem anyway.

Four Democrats now await trial on charges such as committing fraud, intimidating voters, and tampering with public records. One couple from Philadelphia reported the following experience when they tried to vote in a special election last year:

First they were told they had to go “get a stamp” outside the polling place — where Democrats handed out stamps for write-in candidates. Then, when an Election Board worker heard they wanted to vote Republican, a witness heard him bellow: “Not on my machine!” And though they both said they eventually cast ballots, in the end only one GOP vote was recorded at the polling place.

This was just one of the allegations revealed in an investigation into voter fraud during the March 17, 2017, special election for the Pennsylvania House’s 197th District. Officials claim the outcome of the election wasn’t compromised — Democrat Emilio Vazquez won with a whopping 73.5 percent of the vote. But how can they make that claim considering the dirty machine politics of the city exposed by this investigation?

To be clear, this is not a bipartisan problem. It seems like every time we see voter fraud and electioneering, there’s a Democrat involved. It puts the Democratic outrage over President Trump wanting a national investigation into voter fraud into perspective, doesn’t it? The Democrats do not want such an investigation to happen, knowing it would reveal widespread illegal activity.

Why isn’t such crime bipartisan? Because it’s ideological. Democrats tend to embrace philosophies that lean towards centralized power and “the ends justify the means” thinking. Republicans, on the other hand, tend to side with “law and order” and limited government. They’re less likely to break the law because liberty and the rule of law is the end in itself.

I think most Democrats in office know this, which is why they didn’t want President Trump looking. You can’t spin crimes that the vast majority of Americans are disgusted by as a Republican witch hunt.

It does make you wonder if U.S. cities are really all that liberal in the first place, or if the machines are at work making the cities look more liberal. Don’t get me wrong, I doubt they’re secretly conservative enclaves, but it does make you wonder if they’re really as polarized as the results show.